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Rhodes Scholar Groups

Scholars in Oxford organise many groups and activities themselves, including those featured below.

  • The Black Association of Rhodes Scholars (BARS) is committed to fostering unity among Black Rhodes Scholars, both past and present, and to providing safe spaces to Black students amongst larger environments which are often harmful. BARS aims to create environments that encourage a diversity of perspectives, identities, and experiences, in which we facilitate dialogue about issues concerning Black peoples around the world. BARS also aspires to impact the Oxford community at large through service, advocacy and effective representation on University and Rhodes Trust commissions that promote racial awareness, equality and diversity.

  • The Global Scholars Group (GSG) is a consortium of Rhodes, Gates, Clarendon, Chevening, Fulbright, Marshall, Churchill, and Commonwealth Scholars aiming to promote responsible citizenship by generating ideas and action aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. It achieves this goal primarily through the annual Global Scholars Symposium (GSS).

    The Global Scholars Symposium (GSS) is a landmark project that Gates and Rhodes scholars collaboratively founded in 2008, which connects postgraduate scholars and influencers across the globe. This annual student-run symposium aims to bring scholars together to engage in thought-provoking dialogue, with the help of dynamic speakers who challenge scholars to think and act in new ways. The GSS aims to forge fellowship of fellowships and generate ideas for change through a two-day immersive programme.

    The GSS is primarily funded by an endowment given by the John McCall MacBain (JMM) Foundation to the Rhodes Trust, and made possible by the generous support of the Gates Trust.

    The GSS is entirely student run, and the leadership represents the close collaboration of Gates and Rhodes Scholars. The symposium is currently open to all postgraduate students in the UK through an application process. The symposium attests to the Gates Trust and the Rhodes Trust’s commitment to reaching out to the wider community of scholars across the UK, and to create synergy in a world punctuated by divisions.

  • Born from the simple idea that artificial intelligence can be a force for good, the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL) applies machine learning to some of the world's most difficult social challenges. RAIL creates state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence systems to diagnose diseases, reduce emissions, improve homeless shelters, and even translate ancient languages.

  • Rhodes Arabs is a group that aims to unite Arab Rhodes Scholars across the world and provide a space where they have support and kinship away from home.


  • Rhodes Arts wants to create spaces for anyone interested in the arts to come together, experience diverse forms of art from diverse origins, and unlock different ways of creatively looking at the world. Crafts, Dance, Film & Video, Literature and Writing, Museumgoing, Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Theatre & Performance ... The possibilities are endless, and all are welcome to come and explore!


  • The Rhodes Asian and Asian Diaspora Forum is a social, support, and interest group for Rhodies of Asian descent from all over the world!

  • Rhodes Christian Fellowship (RCF) aims to encourage one another on our walks with God and provide a supportive community, whether you have been Christians for a long time, are just beginning, or are simply interested in learning more about the faith.

  • The longest running club, founded in 1930 to play Donald Bradman’s touring side*, the ‘Cockatoos’ are the Rhodes Cricket Team with an illustrious history. The Cockatoos aim to continue the tradition of relaxing in the summer sun and dominating the opposition. Open to all – we combine Blue’s cricketers with those who have never held a bat. It’s a broad umbrella and all in the Rhodes community invited.

  • REACH is a group for Rhodes Scholars interested in climate and environmental change and justice. Whether you're just starting to learn about climate, or if you're a seasoned climate expert, all are welcome to join!

  • Rhodes FC is the home for anyone who loves football (or soccer) in the Rhodes community. It’s also a place for anyone who’s interested in giving football a try to do so in a social and friendly environment. From seasoned pros to those who have never kicked a ball, Rhodes FC provides a fun place to meet and interact with other Rhodies without having to do all the “What are you studying, which college are you at” small talk.

  • The Rhodes Incubator (RI) is the first program of its kind to operate in the global Rhodes community, with the aim of harnessing the entrepreneurial energy of current and senior scholars. RI was officially launched at the 2017 Rhodes Ventures Forum. RI presents a fantastic opportunity for stimulating a venture-based approach to problem solving, innovation, and impact within the Scholar community. Alumni of the incubator have gone on to join other accelerator programs such as Y-combinator and Entrepreneur First and have collectively raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding to pursue their passions and make a difference in a number of sectors.

  • Rhodes Interfaith Alliance brings together scholars to have meaningful and robust conversations and discussions about faith, religion, and spirituality!

    The group loves representation from diverse backgrounds, faith, and non-faith experiences is a very new society at Rhodes House so if this sounds appealing to you, there is lots of room to help shape what this year will look like and the things we will be focusing on!

  • Rhodes LGBTQ aims to be a vibrant and inclusive space for our queer community.



  • RSAF is a scholar-led organization dedicated to increasing awareness of social, political and economic issues on the African continent.

  • Organized in response to a long-running annual trip sending Rhodes Scholars uncritically to Israel, Rhodes Scholars for Palestine creates space for education and discussion on human rights, settler colonialism, and illegal occupation in Israel and Palestine. In addition to hosting a trip to the Palestinian Occupied Territories for scholars to hear first-hand from individuals and organizations on the ground, Rhodes Scholars for Palestine offers opportunities for scholars in Oxford to learn more about the Palestinian struggle and advocate in Rhodes House for responsible investment and honest engagement with Rhodes’ colonial legacy.

  • Rhodes for Wellbeing (R4W) is a group committed to promoting positive lifestyles and wellbeing among Rhodes Scholars and students more generally. R4W aims to support Rhodes Scholars by encouraging dialogue around emotional wellbeing, de-stigmatising mental illness and strengthening support networks.

  • Rhodes Women and Gender Minorities (RWGM) is a scholar-run group welcoming all scholars identifying as femme, genderqueer, non-binary, or women. RWGM seeks to build community and fellowship across generations of scholars, affirm and support one another, and create a safe space within the pressures of Oxford to express ourselves, uninhibited, surrounded by people who care. RWGM also hopes to encourage and engage in critical discussion, both academic and otherwise, around ideas of gender and sexuality, and to advocate for the inclusion and safety of all scholars within Rhodes House and throughout their Oxford experience.

  • Rhodes SOL is an affinity group for Scholars from Latin America and Scholars of Latin American descent, in addition to acting as an advocacy organization for increasing Latin American and underrepresented minority student representation within the Rhodes and Oxford communities. We strongly encourage non-Latino allies to join!

  • The Rhodes Disability Project is a collective of scholars within the Rhodes Trust who live with disabilities and allies who do not live with disabilities. This includes scholars who live with both visible and invisible disabilities, as well as rare diseases and chronic illnesses.

    The Rhodes Disability Project has a number of goals and plans for the upcoming year, including developing an accessibility checklist for events and communications at Rhodes House, helping scholars with disabilities access the support and resources available to them in the Oxford community, and running a number of workshops and panel discussions.

The listing of a group does not reflect a formal endorsement by the Rhodes Trust, nor do any opinions stated by them necessarily reflect those held by the Trust. They are independent groups, but are expected to demonstrate a sense of inclusivity and the scope for dialogue, debate and a diversity of views.