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Create the connections that change the world


Add your voice to our potential

We believe the world abounds in intelligence and positive potential. Here, globally-minded leaders unite to share their diverse perspectives, draw new connections and give rise to the novel solutions that change the world.

The ambitious £200m Exponential Potential campaign aims to grow the Rhodes Scholarships around the world, supporting the people, place and programmes that will unleash its global potential.

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With you, we fight the world's fight

All over the world, we see alarming trends toward division, isolation and distrust, which discourage us from considering and learning from each other. At the Rhodes Trust, we stand for connection.

The Rhodes Scholarship was founded to “forge bonds of mutual understanding and fellowship for the betterment of mankind.” Yet today, our divisions have become sharper, precisely when we need to work together.

We must solve this problem before our world is devoured by division. We must bring unlikeminded but like-hearted Scholars together from across the globe.

Growing the Rhodes Scholarship community is how we will foster the ideas we need to tackle the world’s complex problems.

Grow the potential of people, programmes and place

Through the Exponential Potential campaign, you accelerate the impact of one of the world’s foremost communities of emerging leaders, igniting their passion for lifting up humanity.

With you, we fight the world’s fight.

For 120 years and counting, the Rhodes Trust has connected brilliant students, sparked world-changing conversations and built a growing community of change agents ready and willing to put potent ideas into action. But with your leadership and support we can do even more.

Today, we need your voice and your potential.

The Rhodes Scholarship

Scholars animatedly talking in the Rosebery room

The Exponential Potential campaign aims to grow the world’s oldest and most prestigious international graduate scholarship - opportunities for more students across the globe.

The Rhodes Scholarship funds study at Oxford University and keeps Alumni connected so diverse, empathetic leaders can give rise to novel solutions that change the world.

The Rhodes Scholarship Learn more

Rhodes House

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The Exponential Potential campaign will allow us to transform our beautiful, historic building into a state-of-the-art convening centre, one worthy of serving as the hub for Rhodes Scholars, Rhodes alumni, our core partners and the broader Oxford community.

It is a place to bring people together for world-changing ideas.

Rhodes House Learn more

Lifelong Fellowship

Delegates to the Rhodes Policy Forum

The Exponential Potential campaign will support programming and collaboration opportunities, bringing together Rhodes Scholars in Residence, our Alumni, our family of fellowships and the wider world.

Our programmes in Oxford and beyond will allow us to convene and empower a uniquely effective, worldwide community of impact.

Lifelong Fellowship Learn More
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Empowering communities

When we take others’ perspectives and experiences into consideration, we benefit from their insights, and they benefit from ours.

If we fail to recognise the potential of people from different countries, beliefs and backgrounds, those people - and the communities they represent - remain excluded from global conversations.

This is one of the problems the Rhodes Trust uniquely solves. Only the Rhodes Trust assesses and engages the world’s compassionate, innovative and public-spirited leaders through local Scholarship selection committees spread across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and - with your support - Latin America as well.

Elizabeth Kiss
By helping to expand and strengthen this remarkable global community of leaders, you are investing in a brighter world for all of us, for generations to come

Dr Elizabeth Kiss, Warden of Rhodes House

Three ways to release potential

The Scholars Fund

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Every element of the Scholar experience is strengthened by The Scholars Fund. Your generosity creates valuable opportunities for Scholars in Oxford and beyond.

The Scholars Fund Learn More

Creating Scholarships

A Scholar sitting in Rhodes House

Give rise to the novel solutions that change the world by extending Rhodes Scholarships to connect those from communities with under-represented 
perspectives and intelligences.

Making the Scholarship truly global.

Creating Scholarships Learn More

Wills & Bequests

A Scholar rowing on the Isis on an overcast day. There are trees at the waters edge

By including the Rhodes Scholarships in your estate planning you ensure future generations will continue to benefit from this unique experience.

Wills & Bequests Learn More