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The Rhodes Trust, based at the University of Oxford, brings together and develops exceptional people from all over the world, and in all fields of study, who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act.
Welcoming Dr Elizabeth Kiss, new Warden of Rhodes House

The Rhodes Trust is delighted to welcome Dr Elizabeth Kiss as its new CEO and Warden of Rhodes House. Dr Kiss is herself a Rhodes Scholar and will be the first female Warden of Rhodes House.

01 August 2018

100 Mandela Rhodes Scholars for Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation in Cape Town has celebrated the centenary of its Founding Patron Nelson Mandela with a ‘gift’ of 100 Mandela Rhodes Scholars in residence – the largest cohort in the MRF’s history. The Foundation simultaneously celebrated its own 15th birthday, having been founded at the time of the Rhodes Trust’s centenary in 2003.

30 July 2018

Tasilu: Supporting Syrian Refugees in Oxford

by Rachel Mullin (South Dakota & Green Templeton 2016)

20 September 2018

Scholar Talk - Panel discussion with Mallory Dwinal

Join Mallory Dwinal for a panel discussion on education and a new training program created by Bay Area leaders.

09 October 2018