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Schmidt Science Fellows

The Schmidt Science Fellows program, in partnership with the Rhodes Trust, aims to create a new generation of scientific leaders. The program’s goal is to give the world’s best aspiring scientific minds a broader perspective, the ability to engage in an interdisciplinary way, and the opportunity to make a lasting impact in society.

The Schmidt Science Fellows program was launched in 2017 by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. It is the first initiative of Schmidt Futures. The program has an initial commitment of at least $25 million for the first three years, and is the beginning of a broader $100 million effort by Eric and Wendy Schmidt to promote scientific leadership and interdisciplinary research over the next decade and beyond. 

Through a combination of workshops at some of the world’s leading universities and a special postdoctoral study in a field different from their existing expertise, Fellows are exposed to new topics, new ways of thinking, and new people that will help guide their future paths to success.

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The Schmidt Science Fellows program will enable talented students who have finished a DPhil in STEM subjects to explore new areas within science, widening their horizons and providing them with the skills and leadership development to maximise their future impact as science leaders. As part of their Schmidt Fellows program, there will be a three-week curriculum at Rhodes House and at Oxford’s world-class departments, and also time at other leading institutions around the world.

“This is an unprecedented era of scientific progress, when artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other breakthroughs can dramatically advance fields as disparate as civil engineering, biochemistry and computer science. To address society’s most pressing issues, our best scientists and technologists in all disciplines will need to work effectively with non-profits, government and business. This program will help our Fellows develop skills that accelerate the pace of research and discovery in their future work, and to serve as the next generation of scientific leaders.” - Eric Schmidt.