Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


Legacy, Equity and Inclusion

Throughout our history, the Rhodes Scholarship has had a distinctive focus on selecting and investing in people we believe will become change agents for good. Our mission and complicated legacy means we have a strong commitment to this work.

Our reputation as the world's most distinguished academic scholarship rests not on the controversial life of our founder but on the enormous contributions our Scholars have made to the world. Today, all of us around the world are called to join the struggle for equality and inclusion of all peoples of diverse backgrounds and identities, to eradicate systemic racism and to confront legacies of slavery, imperialism, and white supremacy.

We cannot reconcile or heal if we do not acknowledge and see. As the Rhodes Trust, we acknowledge that our foundation was built on colonial wealth and that varied forms of discrimination played a significant role in our history. While we have moved beyond our past in important ways, much more is required. We take ownership of our responsibility to engage more fully, critically and honestly with our history, to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to engage in anti-racist action, and to take concrete steps to make our communities more inclusive and diverse. In so doing, we hope to enhance our ability to support Scholars who will make positive change. 

Charting Progress: Principles, Goals, and Actions

Principles, Goals, and Action Areas

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In developing and continuing to refine and update our work, we are guided by several principles, goals, and plans for the future.

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Recap of Activities to Date

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Over our 120 year history the Rhodes Trust has progressively taken steps to evolve away from the racism and sexism that marked our founding.

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Current Activities

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We established three advisory groups to help us collect and unify ideas from the global Rhodes community and beyond, to guide our key areas of action.

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Reflections and Further Reading

Reflections on Change

Portrait Of Lucy Banda Sichone

Many Scholars have played leadership roles in this struggle to break barriers and make the Scholarship a more just and diverse community. Today, Black Scholars of African descent – from Africa, the Caribbean, and North America – comprise 20% of recent cohorts, and over half of Scholars in residence are People of Colour, making our Scholar community more truly reflective of the world.

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Resources for Further Reading

Edwin Cameron At Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture

Rhodes Scholars in Residence and Rhodes House staff have been exploring the issues of legacy and equity through various readings and discussion groups. You can access this reading list here.

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The Life and Work of Cecil Rhodes

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We have been assembling information about Cecil Rhodes, his life and his legacy. Here are some initial resources that you might find helpful, with more to be added in due course. The writings of the Rhodes Scholars and others illustrate the diversity of historical interpretations.

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Our Advisory Groups

Reimagining Rhodes House

Dame Helen Ghosh

To offer ideas and options for how Rhodes House can become a more welcoming and inclusive space that tells its story more fully and critically engages its history and legacy.

Reimagining Rhodes House Find out more

Responding to Our History

Karen Stevenson

To convene dialogues, engage experts, gather materials and develop programme ideas and options for ways the Trust can engage its own history and legacy.

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The Trust and Africa in the 21st Century

Ms Neeti Bhalla

To convene dialogues, engage experts, and prepare a paper outlining options for the Trust to consider to launch meaningful, mission-related activities. 

The Trust and Africa in the 21st Century Find out more