Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


Principles, Goals and Actions

While we have moved beyond our past in important ways, much more is required. Our mission and complicated legacy drive us to play a proactive role in this work. We embrace the opportunity to continuously improve and to enhance our ability to develop leaders who will make positive change.

Guiding Principles

In developing and continuing to refine and update our work, we are guided by several principles.

1 - Fidelity to the Trust’s Mission to develop compassionate, innovative, and public-spirited people committed to solving humanity’s challenges;

2 - Alignment & Integration with the Trust’s 125th Anniversary Strategic Plan - Lifelong Fellowship for Global Impact;

3 - Humility and Radical Inclusion: a willingness to listen and learn from diverse perspectives across our global, cross-generational fellowship, and beyond it;

4 - Curiosity, Honesty and Intellectual Rigour about the past and the present; and

5 - A Spirit of Acknowledgement, Reconciliation and Reparation to shape priorities and guide actions.

Our Five Goals and Key Action Areas

Our Partnership Programmes

The Rhodes Scholarship

Logo Rhodes Trust

The world's pre-eminent international scholarship. We fight the world's fight by forming an incredibly diverse lifelong community of exceptional people from across the planet, who share a transformational postgraduate experience at Oxford University.

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The Mandela Rhodes Foundation

Logo The Mandela Rhodes Foundation

Transforming Africa by shaping a visionary community of future African leaders, who share a life-changing programme of learning in a South African university.

Part of Nelson Mandela’s legacy

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The Atlantic Institute

Logo Atlantic Fellows

Connecting and supporting a global community of Atlantic Fellows and staff from seven programs, who collaborate across diverse contexts and settings to accelerate the eradication of inequities and bring lasting improvements, locally and globally.

With The Atlantic Philanthropies 

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Schmidt Science Fellows

Logo Schmidt Science Fellows (1)

Unleashing the potential of science by creating a global community of interdisciplinary scientists, making new discoveries for the benefit of society

With Schmidt Futures

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Logo Rise

Finding brilliant young people who need opportunity and supporting them as they work to serve others.

With Schmidt Futures

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Oxford Next Horizons

Logo Oxford Next Horizons

Realising what’s next - by forming a community of highly experienced people, who reflect, explore and imagine what’s next for them and the world

With Harris Manchester College