Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


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If you have read about the Rhodes Scholarship and think that it is for you, the next step is to find out if you are eligible to apply and which constituency you should apply to.

Below, you can enter your country in the box and then click ‘Check your eligibility’. If you have dual citizenship or have lived in a number of countries we would suggest that you choose the country you have the strongest connection to, for instance the country of your citizenship, or the country you have lived in for the longest.

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More information

If you haven’t read our general information about what the Rhodes Scholarship is yet, please use the sidebar to navigate to the start of the application journey.

Your country

Please start typing the name of your country/territory and it should appear in the list below, you can then click to select your country. If you cannot find your country, please type in and select Other.