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News from the Warden of Rhodes House

The Warden of Rhodes House, Charles Conn, has announced he will step down from his role when his five-year term expires at the end of the academic year in June 2018. He will remain closely involved with the Rhodes Trust as he has agreed with the Chair and Trustees to become an active Senior Adviser to support the Trust’s strategic partnerships and continued global expansion, including with The Atlantic Philanthropies and other future partnerships. During his time as Warden, the Trust has crafted a sound and exciting strategic direction, successfully funded core Scholarships and strengthened its Senior Scholar relationships.

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"Serving the Rhodes Trust and its partners has been a wonderful experience for Camilla and myself. I am very proud of the work done by the Rhodes House team and the Trustees to refresh and reinvigorate the Trust’s vision in its second century.  It has been a great honour to serve the Rhodes and partner communities with this team, and I am hugely grateful for the support of Senior Scholars, selectors, donors and partners in this work. In particular, the opportunity to work with the current Scholars here in Oxford has been intellectually stimulating and deeply rewarding for us both. They, and those like them, are the future’s best hope, fighting the world’s fights together in lifelong fellowship. There is a great need for thoughtful, ethical and impatient leaders for change in the world; our efforts of the last few years has sought not only better to equip current Scholars in this work, but to also further engage the Senior Scholar community, and to build relationships with other similarly committed programmes." - Charles Conn

If you have ideas for who the next Warden of Rhodes House should be, or would like to be considered for this post, we are working with Ashley Summerfield from Egon Zender, who can be contacted at