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​2nd Annual Healthcare Forum

The 2nd Annual Healthcare Forum, held at Rhodes House on 12-13 November had the following objective:

The Forum will foster a dialogue between current and future leaders from a broad range of backgrounds, to explore solutions for imminent healthcare problems. We believe that interacting in a collaborative environment will yield the most powerful, robust and interesting ideas. Through this year’s theme of Optimisation or innovation: making meaningful gains in healthcare, the forum will challenge participants to assess how their own fields contribute to improving real patient outcomes. Whether new directions are forged, or existing ideas are strengthened, we believe the benefits of this interdisciplinary debate will be felt by all. With ample time for networking and mentorship, we hope delegates will draw inspiration from the current leaders in healthcare, and likewise that senior leaders will benefit from the fresh ideas of the scholar community. This is a way to be in conversation about real breakthroughs and to be engaged with the global network of Rhodes Scholars working on healthcare challenges.

CONVENOR: Sir John Bell Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford

The discussion and debate was lively, as demonstrated by the Storify account below. Several sessions were filmed and will be available on the Rhodes Trust's YouTube channel in due course.