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Our Vision

Our mission is to identify and develop leaders to achieve public good. This is what the Rhodes Scholarships have done, with remarkable success, since its inception in 1903

A second century of impact

We find, bring together and develop exceptional young people who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act. Each year, a class of c 100 Scholars is selected from over 60 countries, maintaining a community of c 250 Scholars studying in Oxford at any one time. The combination of a collaborative and dynamic environment, intensive and challenging education and a focus on character, service and leadership prepares them to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Global community: focus shifted from individual achievement to lifelong fellowship

    As well providing Scholarships, we also bring together deeply engaged individuals from around the world, across all fields of expertise and at all stages of their careers. We provide them with physical and virtual hubs so that they can work together - across disciplines and borders - to stand up for the world. By holding events in Oxford and around the world, we create global hubs for the exchange of opinions and ideas. Having the space and freedom to openly debate, discuss, question and challenge is crucial for finding solutions for society’s biggest questions.

    The vibrant community of dialogue and friendships on the online Rhodes Scholar Network runs in parallel to the physical convening of Rhodes Scholars to problem solve in topical areas from breakthroughs in bio-medicine to building the modern research university in the emerging world.

    The theme of moving the weight of the Scholarships from an award for individual achievement to a genuine lifelong fellowship of those committed to addressing the world’s most pressing problems is becoming a reality.The 5000 living Rhodes Scholars are connected electronically and engage in online discussion groups and campaigns. Many meet up regularly in their home countries and many work or serve together. Their common bonds and fellowship is remarkable.

  • Rhodes Scholars: committed to lasting change
    • We find students from all corners of the world in all fields of study. We go beyond academic excellence by seeking those who have the energy, courage and commitment to deliver positive impact on the world.
    • We have in place a comprehensive ‘Character, Service and Leadership Programme’ for current Scholars with its flagship First Year (Service & Leadership) and Second Year (Building the Good Life) retreats, skills workshops and speaker series.
    • We support our Scholars during their time at Oxford University and throughout their lives with our Rhodes Scholar Network and Global Forums.
  • Diversity: why the Trust reflects the world’s diversity
    • Without different opinions and ideas, we will not answer the world’s most complex questions.
    • This is why we are a global organisation and use our deep connections across the world to bring together people of different backgrounds and viewpoints.
    • We encourage them to challenge each other’s thinking and generate new ideas.
    • We direct lasting change throughout the world by bringing together people who are impatient with the status quo and have the courage to act.
  • Geographical expansion and significant fundraising
    • We have significantly expanded the geographical reach of the Scholarships.
    • We welcomed the first Chinese Rhodes Scholars to Oxford in October 2016. Rhodes Scholars have also been selected for the first time from Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Malaysia (reinstated) and they will join the Scholar community in Oxford in October 2017.
    • We are planning further expansion in the coming years to make the Scholarships truly global. We want to add a greater number of Rhodes Scholars from West Africa, East Africa, India, Pakistan, and South East Asia. We also plan to soon introduce Rhodes Scholars from the United Kingdom for the first time.
    • Our global expansion has been supported by a significant fundraising, reaching a total of £250 million in to date, thanks to our supportive donors from around the world who have helped us achieve this goal. We are seeking further endowment funding to support continued geographic expansion.