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Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


Roads to the law - a conversation with Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart

Wednesday 08 February, 2023

by Sophie Ryan and Mindy Chen-Wishart

“I think you have to own it. Nobody's going to make way for you. They're not going to give you a seat at the table. You just have to take it.” Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart, Dean of the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford, talks to Sophie Ryan (Australia at-Large and Magdalen 2020) about her #RaceMeToo campaign to call out institutional racism in academia, her journey to Oxford as a Rhodes Visiting Fellow and her career as a leading academic lawyer

"If I challenge you, and if I get you to think in a different way, if I make you feel a little bit insecure and you rethink things, I'll have added something to you and you will know better why you believe what you believe or you will think again about what you believe. I think it's a really important skill in life to realize that you don't know everything because if you think you know, you will not learn" Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart

The full transcript of Sophie and Mindy's conversation is here 

Roads Less Travelled is a series of conversations with remarkable individuals who have, in one way or another, taken a road less travelled to discover their vocation. The aim behind the podcast is to share stories in the hope that we can shine a light on some practical wisdom for those of us still forging our own paths.

Mindy Chen Wishart

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