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Nia Robles Del Pino

Election Year: 2024

Election Constituency: Global

Scholar Status: Scholar Elect

Rhodes Identifier: Argentina, 2024

Nia Robles Del Pino


Nia is a senior majoring in Physics and Mathematics at Northwestern University. With a passion for pure mathematics and theoretical physics, Nia wishes to undertake one of the main challenges of modern physics: Quantum Gravity. At Northwestern, she has worked for over a year in the research group Amplitudes and Insights, focusing on the computation of gravity amplitudes in supersymmetric theories via double copy. Nia won several awards at the physics department for her exceptional academic performance and potential for research. As the offspring of Peruvian immigrants, with her mother being born and raised in an indigenous community, Nia embraces her Andean ancestry. Having participated in several editions of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics and in the National Mentoring Community, she advocates for diversity and equity in STEM fields, and for more representation of Latin American scientists, especially those of indigenous heritage. Alongside her love for physics, Nia has a passion for visual arts, poetry, literature, art history and fashion. She exhibited several of her paintings and poems in different cultural centers in Buenos Aires, featured her poetry in student publications, and participated in the Kaplan Scholars Program, a humanities honors program. She received two awards for her writing at Northwestern. She was also elected Phi Beta Kappa during her junior year. At Oxford, Nia wants to continue her research in fundamental physics and work in the Mathematical Physics group.