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Wiseman Zondi

Election Year: 2022

Election Constituency: Southern Africa

Scholar Status: Scholar in Residence

Rhodes Identifier: South Africa-at-Large & Jesus 2022

Wiseman Zondi


Wiseman Zondi is currently completing an honours degree in philosophy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He is also currently a philosophy tutor, and the postgraduate student representative for the School of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics. He holds a B.A degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law cum laude from the same university. 

Wiseman is interested in hate speech and the role of dignity in crafting effective hate speech legislation. This was the focus of his honours dissertation. At Oxford, Wiseman intends to continue pursuing important social, political and legal issues in his research. 

In his free time, Wiseman is usually either tutoring students, taking a long walk, or reading a book.