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Anne Neumann

Election Year: 2022

Election Constituency: Germany

Scholar Status: Scholar in Residence

Rhodes Identifier: Germany & Green Templeton 2022

Anne Neumann


Anne is a medical student at Charité with a strong interest in global health sciences, deriving from her passion for engaging at the intersections of cultures and disciplines. She currently works on her doctoral thesis in a project to innovatively realise Universal Health Coverage in Ghana. Anne co-founded the first German student journal in the life sciences to promote research-based education and foster innovative approaches to scientific publishing. She is passionate about interreligious and interprofessional education. Building upon her studies in Oxford, she hopes to build bridges between science and policymaking, clinical medicine and public health in the future.

Being a sports and mountain-enthusiast, Anne will be found outdoors, in dance classes, and in the Alps whenever studies and projects allow.