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Trey Cumberbatch

Election Year: 2021

Election Constituency: Jamaica and Commonwealth Caribbean

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Barbados & Jesus 2021

Trey Cumberbatch


Trey obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences at the University of the West Indies. His distinct love for Psychology, along with the tragic loss of his mother at the age of 16, instilled within him a zeal for eradicating the stigma surrounding mental illness and promoting positive mental health among young people. Consequently, Trey founded a youth mental health literacy platform called "Talk Tuh Me," and developed an app prototype to mobilize more investment in mental health services in the Caribbean.

At Oxford, Trey hopes to study the formulation of social policies and their impact on populations' wellbeing. Afterwards, he will return to Barbados and the Caribbean and lead the development of comprehensive mental health policies that promote the psychological wellbeing of all Caribbean people.