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Subashan Vadibeler

Election Year: 2021

Election Constituency: Malaysia

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Malaysia & Lady Margaret Hall 2021

Subashan Vadibeler


Subashan is a final year medical student with interest in neglected tropical diseases and health inequities. Raised in the city where Nipah virus was first seen, and later attending the institution where it was discovered, moulded his passion for microbiology and infectious diseases. While completing his clinical training, he worked closely with urban poor communities and also studied the molecular interactions of dengue virus as an Amgen scholar. As an advocate of science for all, he uses oral and written science communication to empower the public to make decisions through facts and evidence. At Oxford, he intends to further uncover the different aspects of neglected tropical diseases, especially dengue, including its biomedical, clinical, socioeconomic, behavioural and environmental determinants. He finds balance through long-distance running.