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Rhodes Trust 120th Anniversary Reunion

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Garima Desai

Election Year: 2021

Election Constituency: United States of America

Scholar Status: Scholar in Residence

Rhodes Identifier: California & 2021

Garima Desai


Garima Desai is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz where she completed a double major in Environmental Studies and Economics. During her time in university, Garima co-authored a paper studying the San Francisco housing lotteries and its impacts on transportation choices. She currently works as a transportation planner where she aims to influence driver behaviour by improving public transit. She is interested in using urban planning to create sustainable cities and economics as a tool for environmental solutions. She is an aspiring environmental lawyer, hoping to deepen her knowledge of climate change and economics to use an interdisciplinary approach to policy-making. Garima enjoys playing musical instruments, writing letters to her friends, and volunteering.