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Abdallah AbuHashem

Election Year: 2021

Election Constituency: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Palestine & Linacre 2021

Abdallah AbuHashem


Abdallah is a master's student in computer science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction and AI at Stanford University, where he also completed his bachelor's in computer science with a minor in education. Inspired by his experience growing up in Gaza, Palestine, Abdallah is passionate about the combination of technology and learning, and how it could be used to support people globally. He has conducted research at Stanford with the HCI Lab and CartaLab on educational technology. Abdallah is also interested in informal learning opportunities; he has served as a resident assistant, and been involved in student organizations such as the Muslim Student Union and the Stanford Middle East Ensemble. At Oxford, Abdallah is looking to further explore the intersection of computer science and education.