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Rhodes Trust 120th Anniversary Reunion

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Sai Rajagopal

Election Year: 2020

Election Constituency: Canada

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Prairies & Balliol 2020

Sai Rajagopal


Sai Shanthanand Rajagopal is a student studying women's studies and engineering at Harvard University. A biomedical device designer, Sai has worked with a team to design an electric rowing machine for paraplegic patients and currently focuses on designing safe penile prostheses for transgender people. Sai's development work with the MIT D-Lab and the non-profit Azal focuses on the intersection of gender, technology, and 3D-printed prostheses in conflict-prone areas in Colombia and the Middle East. Sai is passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change and moving towards a green economy. As a candidate in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, Sai increased the vote share of the Green Party in Winnipeg North. In the future, Sai wants to work at the intersection of gender-affirming clinical care and policy.