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Francisca Vasconcelos

Election Year: 2020

Election Constituency: United States of America

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: California & Keble 2020

Francisca Vasconcelos


Francisca Vasconcelos is a Portuguese-American who was born in Boston and grew up in San Diego. She currently attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she is double majoring in electrical engineering, computer science, and physics. In the long term, she aspires to become an academic, leading a cutting-edge research lab to tackle problems in machine learning and physics, specifically in the domain of quantum computing. She hopes to develop the algorithms, derive the physics, and design the hardware that will drive forward the next revolution in computing, while inspiring and educating the next generation of quantum engineers. At Oxford, she will continue her studies of computer science and further develop her skills in statistical science.