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Emily Rowland

Election Year: 2020

Election Constituency: Australia

Scholar Status: Scholar in Residence

Rhodes Identifier: South Australia & University 2020

Emily Rowland


Emily is a fourth-year student at the Australian National University, researching a protein thought to mediate the translation of neural electrical signals into muscle contraction. Despite the name of her degree, Emily doesn't study philosophy, but rather neuroscience. She hopes to connect this with a love of structural biology (the study of the 3D structure of biological molecules) to investigate neural function and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's disease from novel, interdisciplinary perspectives. When not studying, Emily mentors first year students both in her degree and in biology courses, volunteers at her local retirement community, and plays Ten Pin Bowling with the Australian National Training Squad. At Oxford, Emily hopes to increase both the depth and breadth of her neuroscience knowledge.