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Dennis Morrison

(Jamaica & Balliol 1975) (4 December 1950 - 3 February 2024)

Morrison was appointed to serve in the Court of Appeal of Jamaica in 2008 and in January 2016, he was appointed president.

Reacting to the news, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck hailed Morrison, a former Rhodes Scholar, as an "outstanding jurist" who taught "probably most of the lawyers presently in practise". "He has been a friend for the better part of 50 years.... he and I were in Oxford [University] together and he will be remembered for his outstanding scholarship, humanity, and great contribution to the development of law in Jamaica."

Called to the Bar in Jamaica in 1975, Morrison practised for 25 years before transitioning to the Bench.

He also served as a judge of the Court of Appeal of Belize (2004 to 2015) and acted as a judge of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal (January 2015).

He has been serving as a judge of the Court of Appeal of the Cayman Islands since 2015.

Morrison retired in 2020.