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Peter Puxley

(Nova Scotia & Brasenose 1964) (25 August 1942 - 7 December 2023)

Peter was one of those selfless and talented people who have kept the movement for social, democratic and economic justice alive.

A cursory description of some of the episodes of Peter’s life and career make him sound like a true Renaissance person. 

In his time, Peter was: a political aide to the only elected federal New Democrat from Alberta, a key advisor to the group that became the Dene Nation in the Northwest Territories, a producer and manager for CBC network radio, head of research for the federal New Democrats (when Jack Layton was leader), and a Rhodes scholar. 

And that is only a very partial list. 

In recent years, Peter described himself as “an economist, geographer and urban planner by academic training, and a political organizer/activist, development educator, journalist, policy wonk and political staffer by practice”. 

To that, he added that he has had some of his poetry, fiction and non-fiction published.

Read the full obituary here.