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Roger Raab

(Natal & Christ Church 1955) (21 January 1934 - 17 June 2022)

Roger won the Natal Rhodes Scholarship, and embarked on his doctoral studies in Oxford, where he had the good fortune to come under the supervision of AD (David) Buckingham (FRS, 1975; CBE, 1997). Roger was David’s first graduate student, and he obtained his D. Phil. from Oxford in 1959, with three joint papers on the dielectric properties of liquids. David and Roger’s deep friendship and highly creative academic collaboration would prove to last a lifetime. Roger continued research in molecular physics in Oxford as a post-doctoral fellow, and was then appointed Lecturer in the Pietermaritzburg Physics Department of the University of Natal in 1960. He was rapidly promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1961, Professor in 1968, and Head of Department in 1974. He subsequently served two threeyear terms as Dean of the Faculty of Science on the Pietermaritzburg Campus, and as Pro-Vice Principal of the Medical School in Durban from 1992 to 1996.

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