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Richard Fink

(Minnesota & Oriel 1952) (23 January 1930 - 10 July 2021)

Even with his outsized success in business, Dick remained a humble man of utmost integrity. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Dick continued his studies as a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford, England. After completing three years there, he returned to the U.S. and taught Political Science and Government at Harvard and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 1964 Dick began his career at G&K Services, his family's business. Eschewing a more important starting role at the company, Dick joined G&K as a "route man" in a small Minnesota town to learn about the company from the bottom up. Dick's knack for leadership, along with an uncanny acumen for business strategy and tactics, led to his becoming president of the company in 1969, the same year that G&K Services went public. Eight years later, Dick became Chairman of the Board.

Dick was active in both The United Way and The Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service. He and his wife Beverly were strong advocates of education and the arts, supporting The University of Minnesota, as well as The Minnesota State College system. Dick also served on the Board of the Minnesota Orchestra and generously supported the Walker Art Center and the MIA. Throughout his adult life Dick had been a collector of fine art-primarily art of the '50s and '60s. With a terrific eye and indomitable passion, Dick championed a select group of upcoming artists, several of whom later became highly successful.

While Dick accomplished more in his lifetime than most people could imagine, to the people closest to him, he was loved for his humility, his thoughtfulness, and his gentle nature. He will be remembered as a quiet man who did so much for so many.