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(North Carolina & Christ Church 1955) (27 May 1933 - 18 May 2021)

Paul attended Elkhart High School where he captained varsity basketball for the Blue Blazers. He went on to play center and captain for the North Carolina Tar Heels. His basketball prowess and academic achievements led him to Oxford, England, as a Rhodes Scholar in 1955. During his time at Oxford, he met and married Shelagh Crosbie and together they moved to California where Paul took a job as an engineer. Paul had a varied career, working primarily in the computer and communications sectors, during which he patented several telecommunication applications.

Paul devoted his considerable talents to philanthropy and was officially recognized by several organizations for his generosity. His various charitable activities included writing and reading stories to underprivileged children in Connecticut and giving scholarships to the Elkhart school system. 

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