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(North Dakota & St Catherine's 1962) (3 August 1940 - 4 March 2021)

Schindler originally studied engineering physics, but inspired by Charles Elton's seminal work on invasive biology, he transferred into the zoology program at North Dakota State University. He then went on to study under Elton at Oxford University, where he graduated with his doctorate in 1968 as a Rhodes Scholar.

Schindler's 1970s and early '80s landmark experiments sounded the alarm on acid rain and led the Canadian federal government to ban high-phosphorus laundry detergents. His 2010 research into Alberta's oilsands pushed the government to establish independent oversight of the industry, after he showed it was contributing contaminants to the region's watershed.

A skilled public communicator, Schindler is a recipient of the Order of Canada and numerous scientific awards, including the inaugural Stockholm Water Prize.

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