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(Texas & University 1971) (2 February 1949 - 4 May 2020)

Larry Richard Grisham passed away peacefully at home May 4, 2020. 

Larry attended the University of Texas, Austin, where he studied physics and worked part-time at the geology building. He often spent his free time hiking, caving, and going on adventures in Texas and Mexico. During his first two weeks of classes at UT, Larry met Jacqueline Criswell, his life partner and wife of over 40 years.

In 1971, Larry was named a Rhodes Scholar and he and Jacqueline moved to Oxford, so he could pursue his PhD in physics. They loved their time in Oxford and used Larry’s academic breaks to travel to the English Lake District, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, and Greece. Larry and Jacqueline particularly loved the Lake District, and wed there in a small ceremony in 1972.

After graduating from Oxford with high honors, Larry was offered and accepted a position at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory at Princeton University. During his time, he worked on numerous international collaborations, including with India, Japan, France, and the UK. Upon his retirement from Princeton University, Larry was offered, and happily accepted, a position with the company Twinleaf, founded by, as he commonly said, “his two best graduate students.”