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(New Brunswick & University 1955) (27 June 1932 - 22 December 2020)

Upon graduation Jim was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship for the Province of New Brunswick. After two years at the University College Oxford, where he played on the Oxford hockey team, Jim completed a BSc in research. He continued his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his PhD in Geochemistry in 1961. Jim came to McMaster University in September 1961. He had a passion for research and early on in his career built a mass spectrometer and made use of the McMaster nuclear reactor to aid in his research.

Jim enjoyed working with his students both in the lab and the field and believed strongly in the contributions they made together towards the scientific knowledge base of geology. Over the course of his career, Jim worked with graduate students from all over the world to expand the understanding of gold and the platinum group metals. 

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