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(Iowa & Hertford 1951) (March 27, 1929 - February 6, 2019)

Dr. Mohr, a retired Air Force Chief Flight Surgeon, served 32 years on active duty and 7 years as an Air Force civil service scientist. During his active duty career, he logged 1697.4 flying hours in 26 different aircraft types.

Dr. Mohr graduated from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree (Summa cum Laude) in biology and chemistry in June 1951. The doctor was awarded a two-year Rhodes Scholarship, subsequently extended for a third year. He graduated in July 1954 from Hertford College, University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts (Oxon.) degree from the Honour School of Animal Physiology as well as completing the preclinical requirements for a medical degree.

In September, 1951, Dr. Mohr, traveling to Oxford on the Liberté ocean liner, met his future bride-to –be, Annabel Lee McArthur, on vacation with her mother. A whirlwind romance ensued resulting in Annabel returning to England in June 1953. While on holiday on the continent, the sweethearts toured Venice, Italy where, Dr. Mohr proposed marriage to the love of his life. She accepted and received her engagement ring while the couple floated down a Venice canal in a gondola.

After retirement, Dr. Mohr contributed his time to various community projects in San Antonio. He was a Past Chairman of the Brooks Heritage Foundation Board of Directors and a member of the Brooks Aerospace Foundation Board of Directors.

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