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Donald Hanson

(Utah & Corpus Christi 1957) (6 March 1933 - 11 June 2018)

Weldon attended the University of Utah and studied history and languages. Especially fond of Italian, he travelled to Italy frequently throughout his life. His college career was interrupted by two years' service in the US Army and at 24, he finished his BA in Utah and was nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. 

Weldon completed an MA in PPE at Oxford University and a second MA in Political Science at the University of Utah and went on to went on to earn a PhD from Harvard University. His dissertation, From Kingdom to Commonwealth: The Development of Civic Consciousness in English Political Thought, was published and is still available as an e-edition from Harvard Press. 

In 1967, Weldon joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In 1970, he accepted an appointment at the University of Utah and became a full professor in 1975. He served as editor of the Western Political Quarterly (now the Political Research Quarterly) and finished his career in Utah as chair of the Department of Political Science.

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