Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


Our Journey to Reimagine Rhodes House

Reimagining Rhodes House has been a multi-year journey from planning to building and completion. It is more than a building project, is is a central plank of the Rhodes Trust's mission to become an ever more open and inclusive community dedicated to working towards a better world.

The Transformation of Rhodes House

Our journey to reimagine Rhodes House

Before the Big Build

An image of the exterior of Rhodes House on a sunny day. The stone walls are covered in ivy and climbing plants, and there is a gravel path through a garden lined with hedges.

Discussions and feasibility studies to expand and reinvent Rhodes House began in 2017, with the aim of better accomodating the huge range of Scholar activities at Rhodes House, updating its aging infastructure and creating space for the world-changing conversations for which the Rhodes community is renowned.  

The Residential Courtyard

An image visualising the view of Rhodes accommodation. There are rooms in two rows either side of a paved courtyard lined with trees. Prospective students meet and walk along the courtyard.

Following extensive easibility studies, Stanton Williams were appointed as architects in November 2017 and Stage 1 proposals were provided for Trustees' approval in June 2018. Planning permission was granted in 2020.

Building Work

Image of the Rhodes House Basement. There is a stairwell on the right leading to the basement, which is empty and shows a couple of storage boxes in the back.

Building work commenced at Rhodes House in 2020, and included extensive archaeological works in the gardens, yielding new evidence of Oxford's Civil War past

The Giant's Grave

An image of an excavator digging through the

The project involved major excavations at the Rhodes House site, including breaking through the "Giant's Grave", the roof of the Rhodes House basement, formerly used as a book store for the Bodlean Library.

A Sheltered Courtyard

An image of a construction site with vehicles and scaffolding. The workers are excavating the Rhodes House Residential Courtyard.

Building work created an earth sheltered courtyard for accomodation at Rhodes House. Protected in the background are the Civil War ramparts, which have been preserved and form a prominent part of the new Rhodes House gardens. 

Services at Rhodes House

An image of the network of pipes underground.

Outdated services within Rhodes House have been replaced with low-energy, efficient alternatives, carefully preserving the fabric of the historic Arts and Crafts interior and exterior.