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Evan Walker

Election Year: 2021

Election Constituency: United States of America

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Texas & St John's 2021

Evan Walker


Evan Walker is a senior and Operations Research major at the United States Military Academy. With a passion for mentorship and leadership, her research and extracurriculars are centered around these topics as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. As captain of the Army Boxing team and a nationally ranked boxer, she balances intense physical training with her leadership responsibilities within the Corps of Cadets. While the 2020 Cadet Basic Training Commander, she educated 1,500 cadet leaders and trainees on inclusive leadership amidst the civil unrest within the nation. At Oxford, Evan hopes to study Comparative Social Policy. Her focus will be on the intersection between policy and inequalities in the workplace and their influence on social inclusion and mobility for racial and gender minorities.