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Adam Mastroianni

Election Year: 2014

Election Constituency: United States of America

Scholar Status: Scholar Alum

Rhodes Identifier: Ohio & St Cross 2014

Adam Mastroianni


Adam Mastroianni, Monroeville, is a senior at Princeton where he majors in psychology. He has done extensive independent work in the psychology of humor, and done research in the Gilbert lab at Harvard related to uniqueness, fairness and storytelling. He co-founded and co-hosted Princeton's first late-night talk show and is a senior member of Princeton's oldest improvised comedy group. He is also a senior cartoonist for the Daily Princetonian and a frequent actor in campus theater productions. Adam also co-founded a free college preparation service for his small, rural Ohio high school. His career interests are to apply psychological knowledge to achieve social impact, especially to equip underperforming people to realize their potential.