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(Malta & Christ Church 1953) (19 May 1933 - 9 June 2021)

Born in Malta, De Bono received his initial education at St Edward’s College and the Royal University of Malta, where he achieved a degree in medicine. He then attended Christchurch, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar where he gained a degree in psychology and physiology and a DPhil in medicine.

Edward obtained a PhD from Cambridge, a DDes from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and a LLD from Dundee. He had faculty appointments at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Harvard.

De Bono fathered the phrase lateral thinking, which has an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, and developed multiple thinking strategies, including the Six Thinking Hats method.

His ideas have been sought by governments, not for profit organisations and many of the leading corporations in the world. The global consultancy, Accenture, chose him as one of the fifty most influential business thinkers.

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