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Frederick Frey

(Ohio & Balliol 1951) (16 June 1929 - 26 March 2020)

Dr. Frey was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a US Army Veteran serving in the Korean War. He graduated from Oxford University and was a Rhodes Scholar. He continued his education at Princeton University, where he received his doctorate. He spent 15 years as a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Frey was hired by Penn in 1974 as a professor in political science. He was also the director of Penn’s Anspach Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs. Dr. Frey was chairman of the Graduate Group in International Relations, and he served as one of the principals in evaluating the proposal for a contract between Penn and the Arab Development Institute in Tripoli (Almanac September 19, 1978). He also served on the University Council Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics. Dr. Frey retired in 1998, earning emeritus status at that time. 

Avery Goldstein, the David M. Knott Professor of Global Politics and International Relations and a colleague of Dr. Frey, noted tha “In all settings, Fred was a voice of reason—asking tough questions, identifying consensus when it could be found, but not abandoning his own views when he believed they were well founded.”