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Rhodes Trust 120th Anniversary Reunion

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    • We are reusing materials from the site wherever possible, including stonework and roof slates
    • All appliances will meet modern standards of water efficiency, including flow-limiting devices on taps and water efficient showers
    • Permeable surfaces and water attenuation tanks will prevent local flood risk
    • On-site low carbon energy will be generated through a Combined Heat and Power system, providing 20% of the total energy use
    • Ground-coupled geothermal air ducts will be used to bring fresh air into the new basement conference space and foyers
    • All plant and equipment will be as efficient as possible
    • Lighting in general circulation areas is controlled via motion sensors with absence detection, to switch off lights or reduce the intensity if no movement is detected for periods of time
    • The roofs to the Residential Courtyard, conferencing facilities and new office space will be extensively planted with biodiverse species
    • Bat and bird boxes around the House will encourage a diverse range of wildlife
    • Large expanses of the gardens will be planted with meadow grasses and flowers creating a beautiful scheme while contributing to the biodiversity improvements
    • Working with our catering partners, we will monitor and manage food usage to limit waste 

    • We will set criteria around food sourcing to ensure that food miles are kept to an absolute minimum, guaranteeing high standards of quality 

    • No disposable cups plates or cutlery will be used on site, keep cups will be issued to staff and Scholars to encourage re-use, and all catering services will utilise crockery and glassware