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Our mission is to build a vibrant community for Rhodes Scholars in and from China. This website is a platform for scholars across generations to engage with the latest community developments. The Association comprises Senior Scholars from the constituency, resident Scholars in Oxford, Scholars from other parts of the world who are currently living in China, and selectors for the Rhodes Scholarships for China.


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  • Researching China: An Interview with Michael Szonyi, By Xiaorui Zhou (China & Pembroke 2020) and Professor Michael Szonyi (Ontario & Merton 1990)

    Researching China: An Interview with Michael Szonyi

    By Xiaorui Zhou (China & Pembroke 2020) and Professor Michael Szonyi (Ontario & Merton 1990)

    Welcome to the "Rhodes Scholars & China" interview series, where our Chinese Scholars interview Scholar alumni with work or life ties to China, including leaders in academia, journalism, business, medicine, law, and many more fields.

    In this first instalment, Xiaorui Zhou (China & Pembroke 2020) interviews Michael Szonyi (Ontario & Merton 1990). Michael Szonyi is Director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and Frank Wen-hsiung Wu Memorial Professor of Chinese History at Harvard University. He is a social historian of late imperial and modern China who studies local society in southeast China using a combination of traditional textual sources and ethnographic-style fieldwork. A frequent commentator on Chinese affairs, Szonyi is a Fellow of the Public Intellectual Program of the National Committee on US-China Relations. Read Szonyi's full biography.

    The English version is published at the Rhodes Blog. A Chinese version of this interview, translated by Xiaorui Zhou, is available here.

  • Scholar Spotlight: The Youngest Professor at Shenzhen University, By Yifan Hou (China & St. Hilda 2018) and Jiaxin Zhao (China & Green Templeton 2019)

    Scholar Spotlight: The Youngest Professor at Shenzhen University

    By Yifan Hou (China & St. Hilda 2018) and Jiaxin Zhao (China & Green Templeton 2019)

    In July 10th 2020, Yifan became the youngest professor in history at Shenzhen University. She has won World Championships four times in chess, and kept the world record as the youngest player. She graduated from Peking University in China and entered the University of Oxford in 2018 as a Rhodes Scholar. In this interview, She talked about her Rhodes experience and thoughts on career and life.

    Read the Chinese article here.

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The Rhodes Scholarships for China was launched in March 2015. Four scholars are selected every year. The Rhodes Trust aims to double the number of Scholarships to China in 2025.

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The Association is managed by an organising committee consisting of national secretaries and some senior scholars.

If you are a Chinese Rhodes Scholar or a Scholar living in China and would like to get involved or find out more, please free free to email Naying Ren (China & Linacre 2016) at rennaying@gmail.com.


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