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Yifan Hou

14 July 2022

Scholar Spotlight: The Youngest Professor at Shenzhen University

By Yifan Hou (China & St. Hilda 2018) and Jiaxin Zhao (China & Green Templeton 2019)

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Michael Szonyi

12 July 2022

Researching China: An Interview with Michael Szonyi

By Xiaorui Zhou (China & Pembroke 2020) and Professor Michael Szonyi (Ontario & Merton 1990)

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Tianyi Wu

27 January 2021

Scholar Spotlight: A Scholar Impatient with Inequality and Poverty

By Tianyi Wu (Scholar-elect 2021) and EduKnow

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He Wei

18 January 2021

The Adventure of Peter Hessler: From America to China

By Yan Yan (China & Brasenose 2020), Xiaorui Zhou (China & Pembroke 2020) and Peter Hessler (Missouri & Mansfield 1992)

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