10 May 2023

SAARS Alumni Virtual Get-Together - 10 May 2023

It was wonderful to see our Scholars from across the world at the annual alumni get-together on Wednesday 10 May 2023. Over 100 Scholars, representing seven decades of Scholars, signed up for this virtual event. Kumi Naidoo (South Africa-at-Large & Magdalen 1987), global champion of climate and social justice and moral lodestar, delivered the keynote address in brilliant style. He cautioned that the decade ahead was perhaps the most important in our history, and could determine humankind’s future. Kumi noted that “pessimism was a luxury the world cannot afford”. Given the perfect storm of crises facing our planet (pandemics, climate change, poverty and inequality), the key leadership challenge is to keep younger generations energized on the tasks ahead. Kumi’s address is available here.

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