26 August 2023

SAARS Bon Voyage and Alumni Conference - Saturday 26 August 2023, Cape Town

The  Southern African Association of Rhodes Scholars (SAARS) hosted the annual Bon Voyage and Alumni Conference on Saturday, 26 August 2023, at the Kelvin Grove Club in Cape Town. The programme included fascinating talks by Billy Downer (South Africa-at-Large & Brasenose 1980) and Christopher Trisos (South Africa-at-Large & Wolfson 2008); an introduction of the twelve Rhodes Scholars-Elect (2023) from South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe to the Rhodes community; and a panel discussion on the Trust's key focus areas over the last two years. The event was a wonderful community-builder; allowed the new cohort of Southern African Rhodes Scholars-Elect to engage with senior Scholars; and provided a wonderful social opportunity for our alumni to catch up with old friends and make new connections over lunch and drinks. The post-event report is available here.


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