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The Association of Israeli Rhodes Scholars (AIRS) mission is to help strengthen the community of Rhodes Scholars in Israel by bringing together Rhodes Scholars in Israel in support of the Rhodes Scholarship, its values, and Oxford University through events, publications, networks and advocacy work. Rhodes Scholars from other constituencies living in Israel are equally welcome members of the Association.


Rhodes Dinner
Thursday 24 November 2022

Annual Dinner of the Association of Israeli Rhodes Scholars

  • 6:00 PM

List of Israeli Rhodes Scholars

  • Maayan Roichman, Israel & Wolfson 2017
  • Nadav Lidor, Israel & St John's 2017
  • Lian Ryan-Hume (Najami), Israel & St Anthony's 2018
  • Yotam Vaknin, Israel & University 2018
  • Ben Luria, Israel & St John's 2019
  • Lamma Mansour, Israel & Green Templeton 2019
  • Lev Cosijns, Israel & St Peter's 2020
  • Anat Peled, Israel & Merton 2020
  • Eden Yitbarek, Israel & Green Templeton 2021
  • Eli Zuzovsky, Israel & St John's 2021
  • Haroon Avgana, Israel 2022
  • Eden Raviv, Israel 2022

Do you know young people who might want to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship?

Hear from Lamma Mansour and Lian Ryan-Hume (Najami) about the Rhodes Application and Life at Oxford

Israeli Rhodes Scholar Profiles

Nadav Lidor (Israel & St John's 2017)

Yotam Vaknin (Israel & University 2018)

Scholar News

Israeli Rhodes Scholars, Ben Luria (Israel & St John's 2019) and Anat Peled (Israel & Merton 2020), assisted by Scholar-elect Eden Raviv (Israel 2022), have co-founded ScholarsIL, a nonprofit initiative aimed at improving access to and diversity of Israelis in global academia, by increasing awareness of Israelis to higher education opportunities and scholarships available at leading universities worldwide.

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Hear Lian's thoughts (Israel & St Anthony's 2018) on being a Rhodes Scholar that is living with disabilities. 

Listen to Nadav Lidor (Israel & St John's 2017) discussing public leadership. 

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Organising Committee

Profile picture of Lian.

Lian Ryan-Hume (Najami)

Israel & St Anthony's 2018

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National Secretary

Ben Luria

Israel & St John's 2019