The Rhodes Trust announced a £75 million partnership in 2016 with The Atlantic Philanthropies, an international, limited-life foundation established by entrepreneur Charles F. Feeney. The Rhodes Trust is now hosting the Atlantic Institute which works to connect the global Atlantic Fellows programs: The purpose of the new Institute is to be an occasional  central convening and knowledge-sharing hub for the global network of Atlantic Fellows. Dynamic, accomplished leaders and thinkers, Atlantic Fellows are researchers, teachers, health professionals, activists, scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, government officials and others dedicated to tackling global challenges to health, equity, opportunity and inclusion. 

“From its inception, Atlantic has invested in people and in their vision and ability to realise a better world,” said Christopher G. Oechsli, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Atlantic Philanthropies. “In our final year of grantmaking, we are making our largest philanthropic investment ever, in people. Atlantic’s grant to the Rhodes Trust is one of a series of big bets to create an interconnected set of Atlantic Fellows programmes.  Our vision for the Atlantic Fellows programmes is to connect and empower a new generation of people who are committed to working together, across disciplines and borders, to build fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies. The Rhodes Trust has built an unparalleled community of leaders with a commitment to serve others and better society.  Their experience and their vision to amplify the impact of the existing network of Rhodes Scholars make them an ideal partner to connect and strengthen the new Atlantic Fellows programmes and their prospect for impact.”

The Atlantic Institute supports the global network of Atlantic Fellows throughout their careers with opportunities to connect, exchange ideas and further develop their skills as leaders and changemakers. The Atlantic Institute will also organize global convenings and offer annual innovation prizes for Atlantic Fellows and alumni to develop and implement creative and effective ideas. There are a total of six Atlantic Fellows program -  the Global Brain Health Institute, the Racial Equity Program, the Equity Initiative, the Social Equity Program, the International Inequalities Institute, and Health Equity in South Africa.