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Isobel Phoebe Montgomery

Australia-at-Large, 2019

Isobel Phoebe Montgomery
  • Current Place of Residence: Adelaide

  • University: University of Adelaide

  • Current/Recent Course: Media and Arts (English and History)

Isobel Phoebe completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide, with first class honours in History. Isobel Phoebe has received numerous awards, including a John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship and the Fredric S. Zuckerman Prize for best essay in Russian History. After completing a competitive arts internship placement in 2016, Isobel Phoebe was employed by the peak South Australian domestic violence organisation Women's Safety Services SA. She has a strong passion for social justice, especially addressing gender-based violence, racial inequality and poverty. Isobel Phoebe has volunteered extensively as a radio presenter and music journalist with Radio Adelaide, using her influential position within community media to promote and advocate for LGBTIQ+ and Aboriginal musicians.