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Emily Wallace

South Africa-at-Large, 2019

Emily Wallace
  • Current Place of Residence: Johannesburg

  • University: University of the Witwatersrand

  • Current/Recent Course: BSc Hons Physics, with specialisation in Theoretical Physics

Emily is a Wits University theoretical physics and astrophysics graduate, where she specialised in general relativity, gravitational waves and quantum field theory. With a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, and a passion for science communication, she graduated with distinction as the top Science Faculty student. Committed to nurturing public interest in the advancement of space exploration, she is fascinated by the intersection between science and the human experience. In her quest to promote scientific citizenry, she spent four years part-time at the Wits Planetarium and building the Wits Astronomy Club. Believing that women and minorities are highly under-represented in STEM, she aims to make these spaces inclusive and transformative. Emily has a diverse range of interests, including theatre, music, fiction, gaming and politics.