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Once a Rhodes Scholar, always a Rhodes Scholar

Being a Rhodes Scholar is a lifelong fellowship and we welcome Senior Scholars to reconnect with the community online, locally or at Rhodes House. Scholars can visit Rhodes House anytime, attend conferences that cover a wide range of topics and brings together individuals across all fields of expertise, and express an interest to volunteer at a Scholar retreat or workshop. We also welcome back every Scholar to the annual Alumni Weekend where there are lunches, dinners and other opportunities to reconnect with old friends. There are over 2,500 Scholars on the Rhodes Scholar Network which is a vibrant community of dialogue and friendships online.

The Rhodes Trust is also keen for Senior Scholars to support the next generation of young leaders from the application stage, to being at Oxford and to living a life of public service.

Encourage Young People to Apply for a Rhodes Scholarship

Inspiring the next generation of young people who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage and commitment to deliver a positive impact upon the world is very important for us to solve 21st century global challenges. Please share our information pages or these leaflets with a young person you know could be a Rhodes Scholar.

Mentor a Rhodes Scholar

Do you think you have skills, knowledge and experience to offer a young Rhodes Scholar in residence at Oxford? If you are interested, please email

Rhodes Email Forwarding Service

We are offering you the opportunity to create a life-long Rhodes Trust forwarding email address, allowing you to stay connected with your Rhodes colleagues wherever life's journey may take you. Once registered, you will be assigned a standard Rhodes email address in the format: All emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your personal email address. 

HOW TO SIGN UP: Complete the form by entering your name, personal email address and chosen password, then click “Register”. Pending approval, your account will be activated.

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