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Once a Rhodes Scholar, always a Rhodes Scholar

Rhodes Scholars are part of a lifelong fellowship which continues long after leaving Oxford. All alumni Scholars are encouraged to connect with the community online, locally or at Rhodes House. Scholars can visit Rhodes House anytime, attend conferences that cover a wide range of topics, and volunteer to help support the next generation of Scholars.

Meet online

Rhodes Connect is the online home for the Rhodes community. Open to all Scholars in Residence and alumni Scholars, it a vibrant online space for collaboration, discussion and socialising. Sign up today and use the platform to find out about upcoming events, connect with Scholars in interest-based groups and make new connections. To sign in or register please visit

Since the pandemic we have also been running a series of online events so that we can continue to engage with our alumni across the world. Details of upcoming events can be found here. You can also find videos of our past events on our YouTube Channel.

Inspire the next generation

We want to inspire the next generation of young people who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage and commitment to make a positive impact. Please share our information pages or these leaflets with a young person you know could be a Rhodes Scholar.

Mentor a Rhodes Scholar

Do you think you have skills, knowledge and experience to offer a Rhodes Scholar in Residence at Oxford?

Alumni can offer Scholars-in-Residence informal mentoring and advice through meetings and email exchange. These are hugely valuable to Scholars, giving them the opportunity to gain insights into career sectors, develop networks and gain employability skills. Rhodes Connect makes it easy to offer and arrange mentoring and advice.  

If you are interested you can sign up on Rhodes Connect or email

Rhodes Email Forwarding Service

We offer all alumni the opportunity to create a life-long Rhodes Trust forwarding email address, allowing you to stay connected with your Rhodes colleagues wherever life's journey may take you. Once registered, you will be assigned a Rhodes email address in the format: All emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your personal email address.
HOW TO SIGN UP: Complete the form by entering your name, personal email address and chosen password, then click “Register”. Pending approval, your account will be activated.

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