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Selector Tools and Training

Featuring a number of tools and training materials for selectors

Memorandum for Selectors and the Scoring Matrix

Please find below the Memorandum for Selectors and scoring matrix for use in selection

Constituency-specific Guidance:


Selector Training Videos

Video 1: Re-Thinking Unconscious Bias

A video exploring unconscious bias, we strongly encourage our selectors to view it and take the test, to better understand their implicit biases.

Video 2: What makes a Rhodes Scholar?

A discussion about what selectors look for when selecting Rhodes Scholars and an overview of the Rhodes Selection criteria.

Video 3: Comparing Candidates: Beyond the Veneer

Here our selectors consider how we can compare candidates who have had different opportunities and ensure that the Rhodes selection process is fair.

Video 4: Protecting and Promoting Diversity

Building on our unconscious bias video, our selectors consider how we can promote and protect diversity within the Rhodes selection process.

Video 5: Focusing on Academic Excellence

A deeper dive into the first Rhodes selection criterion - Academic Excellence - particularly with respect to admission to Oxford University

Video 6: Approaching Online Selection

For the first time in our history we are moving selection online. This video for selectors sets out some guidelines for online selection.