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Selection and Outreach Materials

On this page you will find materials to assist and guide you in your constituency's selection process.

Online Selection:

Guidance for Candidates

Guidance for National Secretaries and Selectors

Guidance for Tech Support Co-ordinators

Tech Support Mastersheet Template


Memorandum for Selectors and the Scoring Matrix:

Please find below the Memorandum for Selectors along with the scoring matrix for use in your selection rounds.

Some constituencies have tailored their matrices and provided additional guidance and these documents can be found further down the page. Otherwise please do use the general matrix entitled 'Scoring Matrix 2020'.

General Memorandum for Selectors (protected)

Rhodes Scoring Matrix 2020 (protected)


Constituency-specific Guidance:

New Zealand - Stage 2 Matrix 2019 (password protected)


Tackling Unconscious Bias:

To improve upon our selection processes, we have developed a new video on “Re-Thinking Our Unconscious Bias”. We strongly encourage our selectors to view it and take the test, to better understand their implicit biases.


Re-Thinking Unconscious Bias

A video on unconscious bias for selection committees.

Embark Training

Anna and Laura ran Embark training demonstrations on 26th August 2020 - here is the recording for one of those sessions:

Passcode: =wt!&4AZ

Theme How to Time Stamp (MM:SS)
Getting Started Preferred browsers for using Embark 01:40
Logging in 02:10
Post log in orientation 03:25
Application Grid Application grid overview 05:40
Navigating between views 06:30
Editing a view (adding columns and changing filters) 07:15
Saving a created view 09:30
Managing (removing) your personal views 10:20
Opening the application summary (including in progress applications) 10:55
Opening and downloading a submitted application as PDF 11:40
Editing Application Data Editing application data from the back end 13:15
Uploading documents to an application 14:00
…and attaching those uploaded documents to the PDF (if application is already submitted) 18:50
Updating applicant progress (Admin: Application Status field) 16:50
Updating application data in bulk 17:40
Downloading Data Downloading a submitted application as PDF 11:40
Downloading applicant data to Excel (CSV) 20:20
Downloading PDFs in bulk 21:05
Contacting Applicants Emailing applicants from Embark 21:35
(NB - it is also possible to save a created email as a template using the save option in the email pop up box) (not shown)
Checking that an email has been sent 28:15
Recommendations (References) Where to find registered referee information 29:45
Checking the references status of an application & resending reference requests 30:25
Sending a referee the unique link to their reference form 31:40
Navigating the Recommenders tab 32:30
Extending the reference deadline on a case-by-case basis 34:20
Reviewing Applications Brief introduction to the scoring matrix 36:10
Setting up a new reviewer 36:55
Assigning applications to a reviewer for review 37:15
Removing an application from a reviewer
(double click on reviewer name and select blank)
Tracking the progress of assigned reviews 39:40
Reviewing functionality - what a reviewer sees when they log in 40:30
Data Protection Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
(required before accessing applicant data in Embark or otherwise):
Session Question Can an applicant submit an incomplete application? 24:30
What is the 'In progress & eligible' view? 26:10