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Responding to Our History

The Rhodes Trust's Legacy, Equity & Inclusion advisory group on the theme of Responding to Our History.

Charge: To convene dialogues, engage experts, gather materials and develop programme ideas and options for ways the Trust can engage its own history and legacy and tell its story more fully and critically to key audiences, including applicants and Scholars in Residence, staff, core partners, the University, and the broader public, as well as how the Trust might be a broader catalyst, through its recurrent programming and other means, for thoughtful engagement with a wide range of complex legacies.  This work is grounded in our core commitments to academic freedom, historical rigour, and a willingness to listen to diverse perspectives and challenge assumptions and biases on all sides. 

  • Headshot of Hon. Karen Stevenson
  • Headshot of Eusebius McKaiser
  • Headshot of Samuel Bailey
  • Headshot of Professor Eleanor Brown
  • Headshot of Professor Ruth Hall
  • Headshot of Arielle Hudson
  • Headshot of Dr Nikita Kaushal
  • Headshot of Dr Alison Van Rooy
  • Headshot of Kurt L. Schmoke
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