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Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship

Find out more about applying for the Rhodes Scholarship


Re-imagining Rhodes House

The Rhodes Trust's Legacy, Equity & Inclusion working group on the theme of Re-imagining Rhodes House.

Charge:  To offer ideas and options for how Rhodes House can become a more welcoming and inclusive space that tells its story more fully and critically engages its history and legacy through art and iconography, room names, virtual and physical tours, and programming. Key tasks the group will focus on include:

  • Conducting an audit of art, iconography, room names, historical interpretation, and public information and access in the House and identify issues, gaps and opportunities;
  • Considering and proposing approaches for artwork, historical timelines, and physical and virtual tours;
  • Considering and proposing ways to celebrate the achievements of our alumni and friends who have made substantial contributions to improving the world and sustaining and strengthening our mission;
  • Proposing processes now and in an ongoing way for the Trust to solicit and consider nominations for Scholars, Fellows and others to be honoured with portraiture, photographs and artwork;
  • Generating ideas for Trustee consideration regarding honorific room namings in the house;
  • Generating ideas for opening Rhodes House to the local Oxford community.